London Low Life EP


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The idea is to put together a few characters that we wrote about that people may find interesting. Based on our personal experiences of people and events in London, specifically the Soho area. Alongside 'Drama Queen' the EP also features 'Jimmy Jaguar', 'Plain Jane' and 'Dead Doll'. The sings have a PunkTrash feel to them and we hope you enjoy.......


released February 20, 2011



all rights reserved



2012 - VICE SQUAD release the PUNK ROCK RADIO album.

Beki and the boys are booked for Vive Le Rock festival Wales, Punk & Disorderly Festival Berlin, Punk By The Sea festival Portsmouth and Rebellion festival Blackpool with many more UK dates planned for the new year.

Vice Squad are 100% independent DIY PUNK
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Track Name: Drama Queen
Drama Queen

Hanging with the rough trade
see the posers on parade
you like it on the stage
you're over age it's too late

Psuedo intellectual
always ineffectual
girlfriend in a porn mag
prozac in her handbag

The world revolves round you alone
you're a drama queen
the lights are on but no-one's home
your a drama queen

Now you're nearly infamous
do you think you're dangerous?
your dealer overdosed
so you can't powder your nose

You're a drama queen
living in a daydream

You're not the alternative
don't you tell me how to live
you're so easy to get
so call a cab and get dressed
Track Name: Plain Jane
Plain Jane

They call her plain Jane
a rose by any other name
they call her plain Jane

She went in on Monday
through rush hour rain
in twin set and glasses
they said she was plain
she worked in the post room
and nobody knew
she walked on the wild side
and all over you

She had a dungeon in the avenue
she had a dozen gentlemen like you
they called her madam
and she turned them black and blue

What's under the twin set?
It ain't M and S
a PVC corset
a blonde or brunette?
She knows about giving
you pleasure and pain
for credit card details
she'll wrap you in chains

Go Jane, go !

Orders are orders
you'll do as you're told
when she lets her hair down
she's out of control
A personal service
for bad little boys
but nobody guessed it
where she was employed
Track Name: Jimmy Jaguar
Jimmy Jaguar

Here he comes Jimmy Jaguar
looking flash in a stolen car

His reputation's so bad
he's on the most wanted list
they say he's Jack the lad
check out his identikit

He's got a diamond studded knuckle duster
keeps it in the boot of his motor
but the boy don't carry a shooter
says that he's just pleased to see ya

He's looking oh so sharp
he's slick as any heart breaker
but is he really that hard
bedroom eyes, see you later

The judge will send him down
but only if they can catch him
so now he's gone to ground
looks like the law couldn't touch him
Track Name: Dead Doll
Dead Doll

He's all made up on his face, in his head
you can't overlook such a beautiful mess

He's a doll, he's a dead doll

yeah he's down and diseased, dressed in faded black
his tattoos bleed on the beaten track

He's a doll, he's a dead doll

He's so sweet, he's so bruised
he's dead meat, he was born to lose

He's got khol black eyes, face painted white
comes out at midnight in a bad disguise

He's a doll, he's a dead doll

He's all wasted youth, too wrecked to live
he don't understand what he's messing with

He's a doll, he's a dead doll

He's so sweet, he's so bruised
he's dead meat he was born to lose